Level Up Your Blockchain Games With SKALE

$5 Million Grant Program for Game Devs and Projects Building P2E, Metaverse, and NFT Games

Why Build Games on SKALE?

SKALE’s architecture makes it well suited for hosting blockchain games. Zero gas fees, free NFT minting, on-chain random number generator, high throughput, finality measured in seconds, and fast completing transactions are all essentials for responsive and seamless gameplay. 

SKALE’s modular environment can easily handle the most demanding gaming needs and its EVM compatibility and support for ETH-based wallets, ERC standards, languages, and tools make it easy for any Ethereum developer to make use of SKALE Chains.

Powering the Next Generation of Blockchain Technology

The $100M ecosystem incentive program is for projects that meet a variety of criteria aimed at strengthening and growing the SKALE Network. The program is kicking off with a $5M blockchain gaming focused grant called SKALE MP that will offer grants to developers of P2E games.

The program coincides with the launch of SKALE V2 also known as the SKALEverse which includes numerous gaming optimized features such as speedy game mode, SKALE chain-to-chain transfers, and the launch of SKALE Hubs and NFT Marketplaces.